Greenwich Companies Team Up To Install Bridgeport Solar Array

May 7, 2010

Greenwich, CT (BUSINESSWIRE) – Sound Solar Systems, LLC, a clean energy installation and development company based in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, has partnered with Altus Power Management, LLC, a company investing in clean energy projects to complete the installation of a major solar array on the roof of the 20,000 square foot Royal Flush commercial building in Bridgeport, CT. The project, a retrofit completed in record time, received funding from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) and is projected to reduce the client’s electricity draw from the grid by up to 35%.

Founded on the platform of a construction company, Sound Solar Systems’ approach to providing clean energy solutions addresses not only multiple green technologies but also the engineering limitations that have previouslyimpeded system retrofits to existing buildings. The company offers cost evaluation, design, construction and financing options for solar photovoltaic systems that use sun to produce electricity; solar thermal systems that use sun to produce hot water; wind power units that generate electricity; and other alternative energy systems and efficiency projects.

“Our task is to make existing solar technologies accessible and create savings for homeowners, commercial landlords and building owners in the tri-state area” says Tony Savino, principal of Sound Solar Systems. Responsible for design and technology, Mr. Savino brings a critical advantage to Sound Solar Systems with his extensive experience in construction. “The design and integration of solar panels onto existing residences and commercial buildings can be a delicate task. Our construction background allows us to execute projects with maximum system efficiency while preserving the integrity of the roof.”

To fund this project, Sound Solar Systems partnered with Altus Power Management, a company that invests in clean energy projects. “The Bridgeport project represents our first investment and we are thrilled to have started deploying capital in this sector” says Lars Norell, who together with Tom Athan founded Altus Power Management. Both founders have spent most of their careers on Wall Street; Tom Athan in senior trading, principal finance and risk management positions and Lars Norell in senior roles within fixed income banking and alternative asset management. Collaborators on numerous fixed income transactions since 2002, Norell and Athan bring their shared experience and background together for the clean energy investment activities at Altus Power Management.

Leading the efforts from Sound Solar Systems has been Tony Savino, educated and trained as an architect specialized in alternate energy systems, who is also the principal and founder of AP Savino LLC, a commercial and high-end residential construction company with a portfolio comprising roughly 500 projects represented by shopping centers, office buildings, residential subdivisions, condominiums and custom homes in several eastern seaboard states.